About Therapy


Seventy five to eighty percent of all adult males and females experience sexual difficulties in their lives. These include lack of desire, difficulty reaching orgasm, problems maintaining arousal, vaginal pain and general sexual dissatisfaction. These problems can be caused by anxiety and stress, lack of sexual knowledge and/or experience, childhood trauma, relational difficulties, and physical problems.

Sex Therapy focuses on sexual concerns or issues. It is a unique and specialized form of professional counseling designed to help women and men address their concerns about sexuality, sexual function, and sexual expression.

Like any therapeutic experience, sex therapy involves talking, listening and education. The trained therapist works with the client in a private and confidential setting to clarify their particular issues. During therapy, the therapist works with the individuals or couples where they are encouraged to openly express themselves. The Therapist provides specialized expertise regarding such issues as anatomy, physical response, and healthy sexual behavior.

Relationship Therapy is:                         

Relationship therapy is a process of teaching you how to have a satisfying relationship. All transitions, even happy ones like marriage and relationships involve transitioning through life. Change forces us to discover sides of ourselves that are new or unknown.
Some Couples Issues:

  • Communication
  • Loyalty
  • Trust
  • Intimacy
  • Respect
  • Personal Time
  • Jealously
  • Financial Issues
  • Sex Issues

During counseling:

Develop new insights into your experiences and your relationships.
Change patterns that may have worked at one point in your life, but are not working now.
Learn how to comfort and nurture yourself during difficult times.

Therapist / Client Relationship

The relationship between the client and the therapist is a vital part of therapy. In general, people come to therapy to either cope with or evoke some kind of change. The client-therapist relationship is unique in that confidentiality and empathy are an absolute part to the process. Often, friends and family members unconsciously offers words of wisdom, support or advice that keep people stuck in debilitating patterns.

Therapists are trained to maintain objectivity without placing blame or utilizing personal judgment.In choosing an appropriate therapist for yourself, it is important to look for a sense of comfort and trust within the therapeutic relationship.